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When there is something in your blood, some driving force that keeps you going no matter what, your success is almost guaranteed. Guaranteed is a strong adjective used to describe two individuals who had a vision, the desire to make a difference and the persistence to see it through. Gerald Taylor and Raymond Johnson are two gentlemen, who are making a difference in many people's lives as independent operators in the metropolitan Atlanta market. In March, 1975, they purchased their first supermarket in Stockbridge, Georgia, formerly known as Kenney's Market. Most of their friends thought they were crazy, crazy enough for each to mortgage their homes to help finance the purchase of the Stockbridge store.

With very little money to start off with, trying to get into the store and get the signage up as cheap as possible, Gerald and Raymond decided on the name QUALITY because it had the same number of letters as Kenney's Markets, so they just took the letters out and replaced them with QUALITY. To quote Taylor, it is kind of funny that it stuck with us for many years. A stroke of luck, I guess. There is no luck involved, Quality patterns their operations that way and uses the word "Quality" to mean exactly what the word says.

Success has not come easy to Quality, but through persistence, strong beliefs in their partnership, a kindred spirit, mutual respect for each other and a kinship that reveals closeness and trust, these two gentlemen, along with their employees and customer base that transcends just loyalty, are well on their way to the original vision both had in 1975. In the beginning, Quality's appeal to their customers was simple. Just give us a chance to serve you.

The Food Depot name and concept arrived on the scene in late 1988. The Conyers, Georgia store was the first unit converted to the Cost Plus 10% format. Difficult times were ahead for Quality, but again their perseverance to stay with the decision they made, grew the company successfully to where it is today. Quality's merchandising techniques, advertising abilities, knowledge of customer wants, competitive pricing, a desire to serve their customers better than anyone else and the ability to make quick, solid, effective decisions, that are not impulsive, continue to drive sales in the company. From Conyers, the company continued to convert the stores to the Food Depot Cost Plus 10% concept. The last store was converted in February, 2004, when the Newnan store was relocated. The stores range in size from 18,000 square feet to 50,000 square feet. The units consist of five customary departments, Grocery, with Dairy and Frozen Food, Meat and Produce. Quality still concentrates on the basics and doing it right.

Taylor and Johnson have been friends for many years, even before Quality was born. Both gentlemen had worked for Food Giant, when it was called Big Apple, Taylor for 11 years and Johnson for 23 years. The company, when it was formed was 50/50 ownership. Statistics tell you that a corporation with only two owners just does not work out, but the proof is the results these two gentlemen have achieved. Taylor and Johnson will be the first to tell you, they do not always agree on things, but have committed to each other to always sit down and discuss the issues. With a strong set of checks and balances, the company continues to grow profitably.

In 2001, SUPERVALU selected Quality as their Southeast Region Retailer of the Year. Currently, Quality is in the "Top Ten" retailers in sales in SUPERVALU and growing. Over the years, Quality has continued to expand at a profitable pace.

Today, All American Quality Foods, dba Food Depot, has grown from the one initial store opening in Stockbridge, Georgia, to an exciting company with 25 stores and more on the drawing board. The company has continued to grow and prosper, while maintaining the belief, that you are only as good as your employees. As stated earlier, Taylor and Johnson consider their roles as the caretakers of the company, making sure the company remains strong, continues to grow profitably and never lets its employees down. These two gentlemen have created a rare gem in today's marketplace, providing all one could ask for and more. It's a great place to work, share experiences, grow individually, increase your knowledge, achieve your goals and accomplish whatever you choose to strive for in business.

A true diamond in the rough, Quality shines like a highly polished gem that everyone is proud to have an association; because truth, honesty, integrity, a firm handshake, doing what you say you will do, never giving in, treating your customers and your employees with respect and taking only what is yours, have made you a success in a very tough, competitive business. We hope you have many, many years to come.